what’s red, green, and plaid all over?

A Canadian girl who refuses to grow up

What’s yellow, layered, with deer socks on?

A Canadian girl who grew up on J.Crew catalogues and hours at a thrift store

What’s shiny and red and looks like a kindergarten accessory?

Clogs on my wishlist

What’s Converse and Sperry and tied up with bows?

Our footwear for a nature walk on a gorgeous winter day

What’s Pom Pom hat….

ok, enough silly questions!!!!

The weather has been chilly but sunny and gorgeous! Perfect layering weather. I LOVE to layer. I struggle in the summer when it’s so hot! What’s this Canadian girl to wear then??


💕things I love❤️

Trader Joe’s $1 greeting cards

Nature walks


Healthy-ish new recipes

Fake plants in pretty pots

Sadie. She’s irresistible even to a poodle critic

Rainbow carrots


My old flea market globe light

This painting that unexpectedly turned into a city skyline

Fresh air and water

Impromptu concerts

Family pictures with a white tree

Family pictures in general


Raleigh field trip

Guess where we went! MSFH! Mom and Dad liked the boba tea.

She got a lobster roll, Andy and I got Mediterranean, Dad got chicken and waffles

And Raleigh rolls!!! The best (and most fun) ice cream. Dad made a great choice when he picked raspberries and crushed almonds to go into the cream. Mmmmm it was so good!

Then we went to see an imax movie…so excited to see this new rainbow wall outside of the imax theater!


escape room

The escape room was very fun. We all enjoyed it, some getting into it more than others 🙂 but we did work together and got out with 3 hints and 2 minutes to spare!

It was Andy’s Christmas gift to all of us. Thank you for the great gift and good idea ❤️

very cute and creative! We highly recommend Conundrum Escapes

fresh air

Back to Lake Benson! This time it’s sunny☀️

Pretty 🌿🌲

We had such a nice walk… and…


Even Gramma’s can swing!

We’re having a good time with Mom, Dad, and Andy…we’ve been keeping busy…today out and about in Raleigh and last night an escape room.

little (lidl) random stuff

I’ve been wanting to try Lidl forever and I finally did today! It’s up by Trader Joe’s (which I was going to because Andy’s coming!). I really liked Lidl a lot from what I saw. The best part was the bakery section…I’m always on the hunt for good tasting multi grain bread, they had a bunch. Plus you can cut the bread there with a nifty machine.

This was called a protein roll, it was amazing!! Lots of grains and seeds, but still light and fluffy.

So I didn’t get everything at Lidl, maybe about $30 worth, but I’ll definitely go back and take my shopping associate (the professional shopper) she was at home:

We kept in touch via FaceTime…then Dad got on FaceTime to ask about a toilet plunger and I had to talk very loudly into the phone (at Trader Joe’s) about the toilet issues…


This article is so cute and fun….

Here’s the link …I’m always interested in doing little challenges like not spending money for a week or month…eating only certain things for awhile…makes life interesting. Reminds me of the book Seven.

This recipe from the pioneer woman looks good. Fast and fruity ice cream

I saw this at michaels today, I thought it was cute to add flowers to a wooden plaque or canvas. Makes me want to start painting again.

the booming metropolis of Mebane, NC

We went to Mebane for only one reason, to go to fifth street books, a used books store with a large variety of books for .99 cents each. But while we were there we found cute shops too!

What an adorable little down town

This coffee shop was amazing

Mom and me ❤️

Skye found lots of little treasures

Puppy love

After all that cute stuff, I’m sure you can’t wait to see Fifth Street Books!!!

Wait for it….


Yeah…not much of a looker, is she?! Ha!!

But it was worth it! We got about 30 books between all of us (just 4 of us went; Mom, Dad, Skye, me)

The lady at the bookstore recommended Martinho’s Deli for lunch. It was amazing

Skye’s “mini” Stromboli was delicious

Dad got a Rueben sandwich, Mom, the Greek salad. And I got a good antipasto salad. Then….

There was this little treasure that we shared 💜💙

Mebane, you were a delight for us today! Any day that includes good books, cute shops, and creative desserts is a win 💙🌈